Trip to the Río de la Plata

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In his passage from his prologue to the Journey to the River Plate, Bartolomé Mitre states:

The judgment regarding Schmídel’s book, Journey to the River Plate, is definitely formed and unanimous. Hulsius says he read the original manuscript “with pleasure and admiration.” Camus, among other merits, recognizes him for being one of the first to have been written about this part of South America.
Azara, so severe with the chroniclers of the Río de la Plata, and competent judge in the matter as a geographer and connoisseur of the country, declares that «his work is the most exact, the most punctual in the situations and distances of the places, and the most naïve and impartial».

Thus credited by historians, it should be added that Ulrich Schmídel or Schmidel or Schmidt (1510-1581) was a German soldier, traveler and chronicler. He left for the Río de la Plata integrating the expedition of the advanced Pedro de Mendoza. With him he lived the horrors of the first foundation of Buenos Aires. For twenty years he toured what he called the

“Paradise of the jungles of Paraguay and the Chaco”

His stories, testimonies of a German conqueror, were the first chronicles of the territories that would later be Argentina and Paraguay.
In 1554 Ulrich returned to Estraubingen, where he inherited his brother’s estate and became a councillor. He had to flee the city for professing Lutheranism, going to Regensburg in 1562, where he died in 1579.

Translation by: Samuel Alejandro Lafone Quevedo.

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