Trip to Parnassus

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Journey to Parnassus was published in 1614. This story in verse tells the journey to Mount Parnassus of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and the best Spanish poets. Cervantes, mounted on a mule, travels through real and mythical places together with the best Spanish poets.
After passing through Madrid, the entourage arrives in Valencia, and assisted by Mercury, they set sail for Parnassus in a boat made of verses. On the trip they sighted Genoa, Rome and Naples and managed to cross the terrible Strait of Messina. Already in Parnassus, after a short rest, they engage in combat with the army of bad poets using books and poems as ammunition.

An Italian quidam caporal,
From Peruvian homeland to what I understand,
Of Greek ingenuity, and of Roman value,

Led on a reverend whim,
It came to him in the will to go to Parnassus,
For fleeing the court the various noise.

Alone and on foot he departed, and step by step
He arrived where he bought an old mule.
Brown, and stuttering step:

It never seemed stantial.
Higher, no less good for loading,
Great in bones, and in meager strength:

Short-sighted, though long-tailed,
Escrecha in the daughters, and in the leather
Harder than those of an adarga.

Fragment of the work

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