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Trilce de César Vallejo consecrated him as one of the most recognized Peruvian poets in the world. This was due to the impressive innovation that his work meant for twentieth-century poetry. Vallejo was born as a poet of modernism in 1918, with Los heraldos negros.
However, with Trilce (1922) the germ and radiance of the avant-garde implosion appear:

  • creative freedom,
  • exaltation towards the future,
  • breaking of linguistic and aesthetic corsets,
  • new verbal resources,
  • And in his verses a new way of seeing and expressing the world is reflected.

Vallejo’s life was full of painful experiences that inevitably influenced his works: suffering, hunger and helplessness. But in the literary corpus of Trilce is also added the love imperative.
Trilce, like all of Vallejo’s work, is born from his life experience. Although, in this case, there is the desire to recreate with words a new poetry.

“The book was born in the greatest vacuum. I am responsible for it. I take full responsibility for its aesthetics. Today, and perhaps more than ever, I feel a hitherto unknown sacred obligation as a man and as an artist weigh over me: that of being free! If I am not to be free today, I will never be free. I feel that he wins the bow of my forehead with his most imperative curve of heroism. I give myself in the freest way I can and this is my greatest artistic harvest. God knows how certain and true my freedom is! God knows how much I have suffered so that the rhythm did not go beyond that freedom and fall into debauchery! God knows how far awesome I have peeked, filled with fear, afraid that everything will die thoroughly for my poor soul to live!”

Letter sent to Antenor Orrego about Trilce.

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