Tree of the Philosophy of Love

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Tree of the Philosophy of Love is a fundamental work of the Catalan philosopher and mystic Ramon Llull (1232-1316). The work is part of the Lullian line of thought known as “ars combinatoria”, a method that Llull devised with the intention of being able to approach any type of knowledge in a methodical and exhaustive way.
In the Tree of the Philosophy of Love, Llull explores the concept of love from multiple angles, building a complex system of interrelationships that allow us to understand this feeling in all its forms and manifestations. For Llull, love is a fundamental principle that permeates all dimensions of existence.
The work is structured like a tree, where each branch represents an aspect or a manifestation of love. Some of these branches are divine love, love of self, love of others, love of nature, love of wisdom, among others. Llull invites us to contemplate each of these branches and to reflect on how they intertwine and influence each other.
Through his combinatorial method, Llull demonstrates the depth and universality of love, and shows us how this feeling is a vehicle for a greater understanding of God and the universe. This work is a testimony to the rich and profound Lullian vision, and a valuable contribution to the philosophy of love.
Llull emphasizes the importance of love as the guiding principle of the moral and spiritual life. His Tree of the Philosophy of Love is, in this sense, a work of great relevance to anyone interested in the philosophy of love, mysticism or the history of medieval philosophy.

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