Tree of Desiderative Philosophy

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The Tree of Desiderative Philosophy is a work written by Ramon Llull, a prominent Mallorcan philosopher and theologian of the thirteenth century. This work is part of the broader set of his philosophical production known as “Art Llull”. In it he exposes his system of knowledge and his vision of philosophy.
In the Tree of Desiderative Philosophy, Llull presents an original and systematic approach to addressing different aspects of reality and human existence. He uses the metaphor of the tree to structure his philosophical system. The roots represent the foundations, the trunks symbolize the general principles. The branches represent the different fields of knowledge and the leaves express the details and particularities.
Llull’s goal in elaborating this philosophical tree is to provide a tool to explore and understand human nature, morality, relationship with God and other fundamental themes of existence. Through a hierarchical and logical structure, Llull seeks to establish a connection between reason, faith and will.
In his work, Llull integrates elements of philosophy, theology and logic to develop his system of thought. His approach is influential in the history of philosophy. It has been the subject of study and debate by numerous philosophers and scholars over the centuries.
The Tree of Desiderian Philosophy is an example of the complex and original thought of Ramón Llull. Llull sought to reconcile reason and faith, and explore the nature of the human being and his relationship with the universe. This work represents an important contribution to the field of medieval philosophy and continues to be the subject of interest and analysis today.

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