Treaty of Idolatries, Superstitions and Customs

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In the Treaty of Idolatries, Superstitions and Customs Jacinto de la Serna responds to the concern of the Mexican Church of the seventeenth century, before the unfavorable response of the natives towards Catholicism.
For Serna it was essential to bring to light reports on the idolatries and sorcery that occurred among the Indians to instruct them in the Catholic faith. Serna reveals what the Indians suffer, how they live, how they deal with their own beliefs and how they interact with each other.
It describes, for example, the customs of the indigenous Aztecs during pregnancy. According to him, they should not look at eclipses of the Sun and the Moon, because the creature could have cleft lips. Nor could they contemplate executions, for the children would be born with a horrible rope of flesh knotted to their throats.
This treatise has also been widely cited by experts in psychotropic substances. In it Serna deals with the different substances that the natives ingested in their rituals. That is why it became a reference in studies on the subject.
Serna organized and synthesized in his Treaty of Idolatries all the documents he found. He added oral accounts and what he witnessed about superstitions and idolatries in New Spain. He copied large parts of manuscripts and published works, especially took advantage of the

  • Indian monarchy, by Juan de Torquemada,
  • and the Treaty of Superstitions, by Hernando Ruiz de Alarcón (also published by Linkgua).

Caught between abomination and insatiable cultural curiosity, Jacinto de la Serna, Hernando Ruiz de Alarcón, and Juan de Torquemada are key authors in studies of the rituals of Mexico’s original inhabitants.

Edited by Francisco del Paso y Troncoso.

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