Travels of a Colombian in Europe

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Hardcover ISBN: 9788411265751
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Los Viajes de un colombiano por Europa I, were published in installments in El Comercio de Lima. In them José María Samper Agudelo, man of letters from Colombia, recounts his travels through Spain (he visits and describes Barcelona, Madrid and Seville), Great Britain, France, Switzerland and Germany and shows his vision of the ways of life, customs, laws and economy of the Old World.

Goodbye to the native soil. The city of Honda. The great vegetation. The port of “Conejo”. A night scene. The steamship “Bogotá”. Nare and “San Pablo”
There are truths that become adages because everyone perceives their impression, and one of them is that the merit of what is loved is understood only in the absence of the desired object. The soul has, like the pupils, its beautiful illusions of optics, because it is itself the pupil of the heart, and objects grow and take ever more interesting forms as they move away from us. This is why, when I embarked on February 1, 1858, in the port of the “Bodegas de Honda”, aboard a champagne that was to take me to the steamer “Bogotá”, parked seven leagues below, I felt my heart oppressed and my imagination preoccupied.
For the first time I was going to be away from my homeland for a few years… “Maybe” forever! “Honda”, with its sublime rubble, broken sepulchres of an ancient opulence, its jumpers and noisy rivers, sparkling like waterfalls, its tall palm trees interwoven in floating pavilions, its evergreen and sumptuous groves that bathe in the waves the crepe and abundant mane, its steep hills and amphitheaters, of eternal solitude, and its plains of emerald whose high grasses shake in the summer the harsh hurricanes; “Honda”, the dethroned queen, shadow of her distant splendor; It appeared to my eyes with its blue mantle and its ruins covered with parasites, sadder and more beautiful than ever. Jerusalem of the dark poem of my youth, I left it among its hills and its forests as a sanctuary of venerable memories. The mother received the farewell of the traveling son: my thoughts understood her better than ever! Leaving the homeland alone is a whole drama for the heart! What a solemn moment of recollection for the soul of the traveler, of deep hope and supreme fear!

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