Travels of a Colombian in Europe II

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The Travels of a Colombian through Europe, were published in installments in El Comercio de Lima. In them Samper Agudelo, man of letters from Colombia, recounts his travels through Spain (he visits and describes Barcelona, Madrid and Seville), Great Britain, France, Switzerland and Germany and shows his vision of the ways of life, customs, laws and economy of the Old World.

Central-Eastern France. The French countrymen. The Bresan countryside. The return of the victor
The July sun gilded with its warm and cheerful morning rays the pavilions of the magnificent groves, the domes and towers of the high monuments and the uneven swarm of the slate roofs, which stood out over the still silent squares and streets of Paris. The illustrious metropolis was just beginning to wake up from its summer dream, when we entered the immense station or jetty of the railway that leads to Lyon and the Mediterranean. That was our way to penetrate Switzerland on the southern side, and to visit the northern Savoie, a picturesque, mountainous and essentially strategic country which has since been the subject of a complication for European diplomacy.
Getting into a train carriage, my wife said to me with sweet confidence: “At last we are going to visit that country of mountains and lakes, the father of almost all the great rivers of the European continent. This will produce emotions that will make us evoke at every moment the beloved image of the homeland”…
The railway, in its first half, was the same one that I had taken, some months before, to go to Spain, and we had to follow it to Macón, turning from there to the east, in the direction of the central Rhône and Geneva. We had to cross some of the most wine-growing departments in France and, in the vicinity of the Rhône, after cutting the narrow basin of the “Ain”, a picturesque region, interspersed by the southernmost abutments and buttresses of the Jura. Those departments, crossed by the railway in very unequal extension, were:
That of the “Seine”, with 1,727,000 inhabitants, whose seven-eighths constitute the population of Paris;
That of “Seine and Marna” with 341,000, whose capital is the graceful and small city of Melun.

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