Travels in Italy

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788498167245

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Francisco de Miranda, an indefatigable traveler, united to his enormous desire for new knowledge a wide culture, conditions that made him an acute observer of the different countries he visited.
Between 1785-1789 he made a long journey through Europe. He was in Italy, Greece, Holland, Prussia, part of the East, Russia, Vienna, Paris, London, The Hague, Copenhagen, Berlin, Naples, Finland, Oslo, Hamburg, Bramen, Holland, Belgium and Germany. The experiences of his travels were recorded in his Diary.

All night we ran with fresh wind from the N. N. E. so that at seven o’clock in the morning that I got up from sleep we were already over Venice, and at eight o’clock we entered by the Lido giving immediate bottom to the Lazaret (the distance is ninety miles) the captain went ashore to manifest his papers, and then he returned to board, where we chartered a small boat among all the passengers and together with our luggage we continued to the city … There is no denying that when approaching the show imposes! So many beautiful, and superb buildings that seem to come out of the water…! The view of the beautiful canal-grande, and of the Giudecca, with the adjacent islands of San Giorgio magiore, of the Madonna delle Gratie, etc. all form a great and beautiful object… But when you disembark, and you begin to see the shit, and filth covering the streets, houses etc. the idea diminishes infinitely… finally we come to the Health that is neighboring the Dogana; And after we had been crushed a half time they dispatched us, and each one took his gondola to look for an inn: the guards came to want to visit the luggage, plus 2 or 3 paulos that were given to them, they made them leave afterwards with a bow. At ten o’clock I took accommodation ne lo Scudo di Francia immediately to the famous bridge of Ríalo, paying 8 paolos for the room, 6 for food, 2 for the fire, 5 for the server and 6 for the gondola to a single man, because whenever you want to increase another is found immediately. After having dressed, rested a little, and eaten, I took the gondola (which is the only carriage used here) and went to distribute the letters of recommendation that I brought to Don Ignacio López de Ulloa —chargé d’affaires of Spain—: To Mister de Corradini, Secretary of Embassy of the Emperor: il signore Pietro Zaguri senatore very broad: il signore Angelo Quirini senatore very wide: il cavalieri don Pietro Rombenchi, el signore Francesco Georgio may: el signore Pietro Nutricio Grisogono whose operation concluded I went to a botillería to taste the Venetian ice creams, and they served me one of Marasquin, with the whole fruit, very good; but the said botillería, and all its trousseau was extremely pig … The servant informed me, however, that this was the best and I do not doubt it because there were several nobles there at the same time as me … from here I went to the theater of San Benedetto, where I saw a very bad serious opera that crushed my soul, and patience until about midnight that concluded… What theatrical, and what a mob, it is always necessary to take a box, which at least costs 5 paulos because the courtyard can not go absolutely.

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