Travels in Europe, Africa and America 1845-1848

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Illustrated paperback ISBN: 9788490070628
ISBN hardcover: 9788411265850
ISBN paperback: 9788498161618

In Travels in Europe, Africa and America 1845-1848, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento takes advantage of a long trip to reflect on the places he visits. He seems to look for models of reference or rejection useful to his political activity on the American continent.
In the year 1845, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento had just published as a book his booklet Civilization and Barbarism. Life of Juan Facundo Quiroga. That same year he embarked on a long journey through Europe, Algeria and the United States, which lasted almost two years.
Upon his return, he gathered his impressions of his trip in a series of letters addressed to various friends. He published them under the title Viajes por Europa, África y América.
This book of Sarmiento’s Travels begins with a prologue where the author tries to explain his reasons for publishing these letters:

“I offer to my friends, in the following pages, a miscellany of observations, reminiscences, impressions, and incidents of travel, which beg all the indulgence of the heart, to keep at bay the deserved criticism which upon their importance the unsuspecting judgment will not fail to make. They know that at the end of 1845 I left Chile, with the object of seeing for my own eyes, and to feel, as it were, the state of primary education, in the nations.”

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