Travel to Italy

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788499537511
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Journey to Italy recounts a journey through Britain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Leandro Fernández de Moratín presents himself as a cultured traveler, knowledgeable about the political situations of the territories he travels and, in addition, willing to give himself to all kinds of adventures. His reflection on the precarious balance that Switzerland suffered during the eighteenth century is interesting to understand how the national and territorial structure of contemporary Europe was forged:

“They could, in urgent cases, put a hundred thousand men on campaign; but they would have to leave the plough to take the rifle; therefore, after three months of war there would be no more food; For extraordinary armament they need to charge tribute to the people, and the people cannot contribute to such expenses. All Switzerland, in general, is very poor; The arts and commerce might have enriched it, but, by unpardonable carelessness in those who have governed it hitherto, it has not been done. It has long owed its existence to the reciprocal jealousy of France and the House of Austria; but if France declines, who will support it? On the occasion when I passed, the circumstances were so critical that any party the Swiss might take must necessarily be fatal to them […].”

It should be added that the trip was then a formative practice and that the writing of the impressions and cultures lived during it began to constitute a literary genre.

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