Travel in Russia

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Travels through Russia recounts a trip by Francisco de Miranda through that country. Miranda, one of the leaders of the history of Venezuela, traces here a fresco of Russian society of the eighteenth century. With this type of books something that can almost be considered a new genre is inaugurated: the trip in reverse, the vision of the world related by the natives in the American continent. It should be added that Miranda’s cycle of travel texts also includes Western Europe and the United States.

May 14

The aide-de-camp of the governor-general, Mr. de Levonov, captain, came early to invite me to lunch with His Excellency, tomorrow, and to accompany me to the University, etc. Mr. Rowan also came and invited me to eat in the English taste and paid a thousand compliments. The general also sent me Mr. Mey, an officer of the Police, to accompany me and be at my command, knowing that I was looking for a French servant and could not find him. He is a modest and well-educated young man.
I left with the assistant Levonov for the University, where its director, Mr. Tonwizen, was already waiting for me, and with great attention and politics he made me see all the classes in which the French, Russian, German, Latin, Italian and English languages are taught free of charge. Each class of these is usually subdivided into four. Moral philosophy that dictates it in Latin, as if the Russian lacked expressions; Natural History, whose teacher told us a very poor collection of this genre, which hardly serves to demonstrate in school. There are 1,000 students here in the day.
Then we went to see another adjoining institute under the same management, which is kept in a small adjoining building, where there are up to 106 schoolboys, pensioners of the nobility of the State and receive good and liberal academic education for 150 rubles a year. With 50 more they can be clothed, so that for 200 they are fed, housed, clothed and instructed, which is not expensive, by the way. Their accommodations, dormitories, etc., are very well arranged and clean, so it is to be hoped that the number would be greater for the good of the nation! And when the building, which is currently being worked on for completion, is finished, perhaps this wish will have an effect. I bid farewell to those people by promising them another visit in the afternoon, and they were so pleased, and not least I, of their civility.

Fragment of the work

Edited by Josefina Rodríguez de Alonso.

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