Travel from Boston to Portsmouth

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788496290655

Trip from Boston to Portsmouth recounts a trip of Francisco de Miranda through the United States… Miranda traces here a fresco of eighteenth-century American society.
With this type of books something that can almost be considered a new genre is inaugurated: the trip in reverse, the vision of the world related by the natives of the American continent.
On December 15, 1784, Miranda left Boston Harbor on the merchant ship Neptune bound for London. The trip lasted about 56 days. He arrived in England on 10 February 1785.
At the court of England, he was secretary to Colonel William Stephens Smith, the first U.S. ambassador to London. Miranda knew him from his time in New York.
It should be added that Miranda’s cycle of travel texts also includes Western Europe and Russia.

October 15 1784
At half past three in the afternoon I embarked on Winnesimmet Ferry (it will be 1 3/4 miles wide) and in about a quarter of an hour we passed to the part of the continent where Charlestown is located, leaving on our left the beach on which the English landed their troops (in seventy boats) when the attack of Bunkershill (or better say Bread’s Hill which is the very place where the action happened. on that note). There we found the Stage and embarked on it a woman, an eight-year-old girl and four men, people apparently of good manners. The road is not very bad although stony and the terrain is quite poor as far as you can see. At five o’clock we arrived at N. Wells Inn where we stopped for a quarter of an hour, had a cup of tea and left immediately; The road is not so stony from here on; at seven o’clock we arrived happily in Salem and I stayed at the inn they call Goodhue’s tabern, with very decent accommodation.

In the morning I went to see William Wetmore Esqr for whom I brought a letter of recommendation; he received me with great entertainment and attention, we were together to take a walk on the immediate heights that they call Gallow’s Hill, because there they used to hang the Witches in times of crass fanaticism and from here we saw in complete prospect the whole place and the bay, beautiful view by the way. From here we went down and took a walk through the place, whose main street will be about two miles long (it is true that it is almost the only one there is) we saw in passing the town house, which is an old poor building almost totally ruined and the house of Mr. Darby that is good building and the best of the place. Then we went to see the archives of the city where we read something particular.
Salem. Year of 1667 County Court.

Excerpt from the text

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