Trans-Andean Way

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In Camino trans-andino, José Hernández, author of Martín Fierro, makes public his notes about the exploration of the Andes with the purpose of building a railroad that links Chile and Argentina.

I owe to the deference of Captain Don Casiano Cabrera the itinerary of the exploration trip made by the Commission in charge of finding a passage through the Andes Mountains, which allows the construction of a railroad to Chile.
I am sending it to you for publication, allowing me to fill a few pages with the observations that you have suggested to me to read.
Unfortunately, the knowledge we have about our interior geography is very scarce and incomplete.
They still cover those regions, the shadows that enveloped them in past centuries.
For more than three hundred years, the authorities dependent on the Metropolis, left in the most complete oblivion and abandonment, as well as the Andean region, as well as the vast Patagonian regions and the fertile territories of the Gran Chaco.
We inherited that apathy and carelessness.
Immense forests of very rich woods, abundant and mighty rivers, mountains that enclose unknown riches, vast and fertile plains covered with abundant pastures, remain unexplored and the march of our civilization, of our wealth all of our interior industry, our conquest over the desert, is slow, heavy, insecure and costly.
During the long period of colonialism, only exploratory trips were made, aimed at fixing the points that should serve to ensure the navigation of the extensive coasts of the Viceroyalty. But this was done in such an imperfect and negligent way, that sometimes more than a century has elapsed between one trip and another.
We slightly remember those explorations.
In 1605 the Governor Hernandarias de Saavedra, advanced the first on the Patagonian coast, on a voyage of exploration: and from 1618 to 1745 there is no news of any other expedition with this object, nor is there any data that serves to enlarge the sphere of imperfect geographical knowledge.

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