Traditions in Green Sauce

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788498168983
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411260671

Ricardo Palma began publishing his Traditions in 1860. However, the Traditions in Green Sauce  and other texts, apparently handwritten from 1901 and transcribed in 1904, were not written for publication.
In view of the latter, the author asked his friend Carlos Basadre for the greatest discretion. I just wanted them to spread to a very select group other than

“Prudish people, who are scandalized not by bad actions but by crude words. Morality does not reside in the epidermis.”

Palma’s self-censorship condemned his book to the underground, marking it under the stigma of the forbidden. Palma was afraid to publish these “traditions”.
The very title Traditions in Green Sauce and other texts suggests that we are facing a work seasoned with spicy dressing, with mischievous, obscene, lascivious and above all immoral ingredients. Texts full of mischief that today no one should deprive themselves of reading. True testimonies of the history, customs and joy of its people.
Ricardo Palma (1833-1919) Peruvian poet, playwright, historian and philologist is famous, above all, for his Peruvian Traditions, also published by Linkgua Ediciones. This is the most important literary work of the nineteenth century in Peruvian narrative. In it Palma gives us his historical vision, mainly of viceregal Peru with its fanaticisms, lances of honor and limitations.

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