Torquemada in Purgatory

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Tetralogía de Torquemada is a collection of novels published between 1889 and 1895. The first, entitled Torquemada en la hoguera (1889), is part of the set of contemporary Spanish novels within the “cycle of matter”.
Four years elapse between the first and the three novels that followed, Torquemada en la cruz (1893), Torquemada en el purgatorio (1894), and Torquemada y San Pedro (1895) framed in the same set, but in another cycle, the “spiritualist cycle”.
All of them have as protagonist Francisco Torquemada, whose surname reminds us of the Inquisitor General of Castilla y León, Tomás de Torquemada appointed by Queen Isabella the Catholic one of his confessors and destined in 1452 as prior to the convent of Santa Cruz la Real de Segovia.
Its protagonist, Francisco Torquemada, is a moneylender who exercises usury prospers in the Elizabethan Madrid of the first years of the Restoration.
Torquemada en el purgatorio is the third novel in Benito Pérez Galdós’ cycle of miser Torquemada. On this occasion we witness the story around the family of Torquemada himself, from his selfless wife to a son who is not the one he expected.

Licenciado Juan de Madrid, chronicler as diligent as malicious of the sayings and deeds of Don Francisco Torquemada, tells that no less than six months took Cruz del Águila to restore in his house the splendor of other days, and to surround himself with honest and pleasant society, demonstrating in this, as in all things, his consummate discretion, so that he would not say careful! that passed with famished promptness from lacerating misery to good food and joyful visitation. Another no less serious chronicler disagrees with this opinion, the Archpriest Florian, author of the Selva de Comilonas and Labyrinth of Tertulias, which fixes on the day of Kings the first meal of etiquette that the illustrious ladies gave in their home on Silva Street. But this could well be a date error, excusable in those who had to attend such different dining rooms by law of their trade, in the space of Sun to Sun. And we see corroborated the first opinion in the very erudite Notices of Culinary Art, of the Master López de Buenafuente, who, trying a very new style of putting the partridges, maintains that for the first time this stew was taken to tablecloths in a dinner given by the noble lords of Torquemada, on the tenth day of the month of February of the year of Christian reparation. No less scrupulous in the historical references is shown the Cachidiablo who signs the Prematics of Good Dress, who recounting some sumptuous parties in the house and gardens of the Marquises of Real Armada, on the day of Our Lady of the Candelas, affirms that Fidela Torquemada wore elegant attire of color of half-passed apricots, with lace from Brussels. From this and other news, taken in the best sources of information, it can be assured that until the six long months of the wedding, the Eagles did not begin to trace their flight out of the narrow space to which their miserable luck for so long had reduced them.

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