To the American People and Congress

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Illustrated paperback ISBN: 9788498167030

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To the American people and congress is a letter addressed by Apolinario Mabini to the United States. It is a response to an earlier letter from U.S. General Joseph Wheeler with a series of questions about the future of the Philippines.
In this document Mabini, convalescing from polio, responds to General Wheeler about the Philippine Revolution. His reflection on the relations between the Philippines and the nascent American empire beyond the Philippine issue and proposes a kind of new humanism.
To give historical context to this document, it should be added that, after the expulsion of the Spaniards from the Philippines by the American army, there begins to be hostility between the independence forces of the archipelago and the United States.
Soon a new war begins, now between Filipinos and Americans. Aware of the horrors threatening the Philippines, Mabini writes this letter to the United States Congress. It hopes to create a climate of peace and harmony.
The following is an excerpt from The American People and Congress:

“I have the honour and satisfaction to transmit to Your Excellency the answer to your questions with a slight exposition to the Congress of the United States, which have value only because of the sincerity with which they are expressed. Be kind enough to excuse myself, if because of my little ability and scarce knowledge I have not been able to give a clearer form to my thought.
I have taken the liberty, General, to speak frankly, convinced that both your Excellency and your worthy comrades-in-arms desire and procure the aggrandizement of your people above the interests and conveniences of class or party, and that, knowing the truth, regrettable mistakes would be avoided in time. Moreover, it is imposed on me by what I owe myself and by the desire to cooperate in achieving a solution satisfactory to both parties, which will put an end to this war between two peoples who must be linked, by eternal friendship, to serve the cause of civilization and humanity.
I am your Excellency’s, with the highest consideration and respect, your most obedient servant.”

To the American People and Congress is a premonitory document of the conflicts and reflections that American wars would provoke throughout the twentieth century. Apollinarius tries to send a message of peace. However, subsequent events led him to an exile that only ended with his return and his quick death at the hands of cholera.

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