To Heaven!

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To Heaven! (¡Hasta el cielo!), the first drama in three acts and in prose with which the doctor José Peón Contreras began his successful playwright career in Mexico City, was much commented on in the artistic and cultural media of those days.
Contreras is considered one of the greatest exponents of Hispanic American romantic theater. His dramatic production began to be known between 1861 and 1862. From then on, the premieres of his dramas and comedies followed one another without solution of continuity, and his fecund prolixity reached such an extreme that, in the course of the year 1876, eight of his dramas arrived on the Mexican stages, all of them received with great applause from critics and spectators. These dramas include Up to Heaven!
Regarding this work José Martí wrote:

“A Viceroy of Mexico loved a woman and paid a wicked man to kill her husband: the secretary of the Viceroy, who knows the crime, but is not known to the high personage, loves a young woman who is educated in a convent, by the Viceroy cared for and protected. The murderer, already Marquis, has demanded from the Viceroy the hand of the young woman, who passes through his pupil and is his daughter. The secretary has to hinder the marriage: he knows that the suitor is the one who killed his father: he gets Blanca an appointment in his chamber: observe the Marquis, and enters after him: Blanca goes with Sancho and his squire, kills the evil one in a sword fight.
Blanca is at Sancho’s house, and the Viceroy comes to grieve with his secretary for his loss. The son wants to avenge the dead father, and there is in Blanca’s love a pretext of revenge. By stating the situation, it is implied what the talent of a man who does not know how to write without putting in each sentence a heartbeat has done in it. Blanca hears that she is not loved: the Viceroy declares that the lovers are brothers: he had Blanca in Sancho’s mother: all pain breaks out; Every misfortune is certain: they will never see each other: she will go to a convent: he does not know where she will go: goodbye they say … To heaven!”

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