To examine oneself as a king or it is better to pretend than to act

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To examine oneself as a king or it is better to pretend than to act. Antonio Mira de Amescua

Day one

(The Prince and the Infante, as farmers, quarrel with two canes, and Dominic after them.)

Infante: Against my courage porfías?
Do you put yourself against me?

Prince: Yes.
What merits are in you
to have majorities?

Infant: Aren’t my thoughts enough?

Prince: Is that what you want me to be afraid of?
Is there a madman who doesn’t lift
Alcázares in the winds?

Sunday: And, are there quarrels that are blocked?
so without occasion? Jesus!
That you will both take off your shoes
all at once; because they fit.
Everyday strife,
whoever falls here!
That to quarrel with yourselves
My aunt will scold him.
The one “I will make you sallow”,
the other “I will tear you to pieces”,
and do not reach for the arms
Nor smell of turpentine.

(Albano comes out.)

Albano: Your war has no end
because I do not give you punishment?
Have peace and friendship today
that the king of Naples is coming
to these beautiful gardens
of Caserta.

Prince: What do I care about?
Neither admires me nor reports
His coming.

Infant: Don’t imagine,
father, that although I am a villain
of the fields of that village
that I admit him or see.

Albano: Kiss him you have your hand.

(The King, the Marquis and accompaniment come out.)

King: This is, Marquis, the village
what I wanted to see so much
when it was in Germany.

Albano: Your majesty, sir, be

Friendly King, Albano,
I strike from Veros.

Albano Arrived,
children, both and kiss
to Frederick the hand.

Infante Beg you to give us
the hand, undefeated sir,
for the honor deserves it
of having been at your feet.

Prince Although they are not farmers
worthy of such trophies,
deserve our wishes
enjoy your favors.

King (Apart.) (One of these at my feet
they are, it’s Carlos, my son.
I overcome the rejoicing of space.
I don’t want to know what it is.
Come this punished taste.)
Arise and keep yourselves, God.
(Apart.) (Which will become of those two?
My chest is exhilarated.)
Marquis, listen to me aside.

Fragment of the work

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