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Cada cual con su razón, by José Zorrilla, is a comedy in three acts and in verse, and one of the author’s three dramas written and performed in 1840.

Act I

Comedy in three acts and in verse
Approved for its representation by the Board of Censorship of the Theaters of the Kingdom, on July 14, 1849.

The Scene in Madrid. The first act in Doña Elvira’s garden; the second and third in the antechamber of her room. The action begins on September 21, …, at eleven o’clock at night, and concludes the following day at the same time.

(Night, and Doña Elvira’s garden. To one side a stone seat. In the background doña Elvira’s house with railings and balconies, and further to the right a small door leading from the garden to the street).

Scene I

(Doña Elvira and Don Pedro.)

Pedro: Tell me at least his name.

Elvira: You must not know him.

Pedro: And that, isn’t that giving me to understand
that you love, Elvira, that man?

Elvira: I already said it is a secret.

Pedro: But if the secret I do not know,
How can I trust him?

Elvira: On my word subject.
I love you, Don Pedro, I love you;
but believe me, and do not be astonished,
I swear to God that from that man
we need both.

Pedro: I don’t understand, ma’am;
who I am, where I was born,
who my parents have been,
I am ignoring now.
I have been alive since I was born
perhaps at the mercy of others,
without my sorrow being able to
become customary in me.
Always (innocently perhaps!),
such a black destiny I cry,
but when I know that I adore you
I don’t need any more.

Elvira: Don Pedro, without restraint you are going
seeking my doom.

Peter: You will make me lose my mind.

Elvira: Fear nothing from that man.

Peter: What subject do you say
of a man who makes you fall in love,
when I’m watching, ma’am,
what favors do you admit to him?

Fragment of the work

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