Tirant lo Blanc

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It is significant that, among the books of chivalry burned by the priest in Don Quixote, Cervantes saved, the Amadís de Gaula, the Palmerín of England and the Tirante el Blanco, which he calls “the best book in the world”. Even with the parodic sense that chivalry books have in the work of Cervantes, the allusion is revealing.
The Tirant lo Blanc is written at a time when the tradition of medieval knights is in decline, and by a writer-knight also somewhat anachronistic. But this anachronism refers to the same chivalric theme, and not to the formal treatment, the international scope of the events or the irony and humor of the work of Joanot Martorell, in which there are glimpses of a realism and a personalist vitalism (as in Ausiàs March) that precedes the so-called modern novel. In this sense, one of the signs of modernity in this novel is that the hero has very human traits (in virtues and defects) and that he does not achieve his prowess by the intervention of wonderful forces, but by his own worth and his own effort. In addition, the book gives completely prosaic and comically regrettable throws, such as, for example, the episode in which, suddenly, Tirant breaks his leg when jumping from a window after a night of love with his beloved Carmesina, or the one in which the fearsome Quirieleison de Montalbán, about to see his revenge fulfilled, He falls dead in the grip of his own fit of rage.
At the same time that Constantinople falls into the hands of the Turks and the feeling of the end of an era spreads, this novel praises the hero Tirant lo Blanc de Roca Salada (Tirante el Blanco de Roca Salada), a Breton who, after numerous chivalrous exploits and amorous and worldly episodes, ends up restoring the order of civilization, which is more a nostalgic desire than a lit loa.

Edition in old Catalan.

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