Theatre of Political Virtues that Constitute a Prince

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Teatro de virtudes políticos que constitua un príncipe by Mexican Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora is a crucial compendium that examines political leadership in Mexico’s pre-Hispanic era, as well as its relationship to the contemporary power structures of Sigüenza and Góngora. The work stands out for its innovative approach, as it delves into the life and government of the pre-Hispanic monarchs of Mexico.
The work is organized into fourteen sections, each of which is dedicated to a different monarch of the Mexican Empire. This format allows Sigüenza and Góngora to explore in detail the characteristics and actions that, according to him, made these rulers effective and virtuous. Among the monarchs examined are prominent figures such as:

  • Huitzilopochtli
  • Huitzilihuitl,
  • Chimalpopocatzin,
  • Itzcohuatl,
  • Ilhuicaminan,
  • Axayacatzin,
  • Tiçoctzin,
  • Ahuitzotl,
  • Motecohçuma
  • Xocoyotzin,
  • Cuitlahuatzin
  • and Quauhtemoc.

The work of Sigüenza and Góngora is not only relevant for the vision it provides of pre-Hispanic monarchs, but also for the way it compares them to the ideals of leadership and virtue of their own time. With their extensive knowledge of both pre-Hispanic history and European political philosophy, Sigüenza y Góngora creates a fascinating dialogue between these two traditions, while highlighting the universal virtues necessary for effective leadership.
The Theatre of Political Virtues that Constitute a Prince It is, therefore, an essential work for anyone interested in the pre-Hispanic history of Mexico, in seventeenth-century ideas about leadership and virtue, and in the way these two elements are intertwined in the work of Sigüenza and Góngora.

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