The World Inside

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The World Inside. Francisco de Quevedo

It is a thing ascertained, so feels Metrodoro Chio and many others, that nothing is known, and that all are ignorant, and even this is not known for sure, that to know something was already known; Hold on.
The very learned Francisco Sánchez, doctor and philosopher, says so, in his book whose title is Nihil Scitur, nothing is known. In the world there are some who know nothing and study to know, and these have good desires and vain exercise, because in the end it only serves them the study of knowing how the whole truth is ignored. There are others who know nothing and do not study because they think they know everything; these are many irremediable; These are to be invidiar leisure and satisfaction and cry their brain. Others know nothing and say they know nothing because they think they know something of truth, because it is that they know nothing, and these had to be punished hypocrisy by believing confession.
There are others, and in these, who are the worst, I enter, who do not know anything, nor want to know anything, nor believe that anything is known and say of everyone that they know nothing and all say the same thing and nobody lies. And as people who in things of letters and sciences do not have to lose either, they dare to print and bring to light everything they dream. These give what to do to the companies, sustain the booksellers, spend the curious, and in the end serve the spice stores. I then, as one destos, and not of the worst ignorant, not content with having dreamed the Judgment or having demonized a bailiff, and lately written Hell, agora I leave without rhyme and without reason (but it does not matter, that this is not dancing) with The world inside. If you like it and it seems good, thank it for the little you know, because of such a bad thing you are happy; And if it seems bad to you, blame my ignorance on writing it and yours on expecting something else from me. God forbid, reader, long prologues and bad epithets.

Fragment of the work

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