The Woman of the Future

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The Woman of the Future (1869) is a vibrant and lucid essay on the independence of women and their future in modern society. Written in nineteenth-century Spain by Concepción Arenal, this text stands out for its avant-garde spirit.
Throughout her life, Concepción Arenal wrote several works in which she defended equality between men and women and claimed free access to education. She also defended that women could dedicate themselves to professions that until then were forbidden to them.
The writer was a pioneer in placing women’s emancipation in the spotlight and in seriously addressing the consequences of educational discrimination. He combated prejudices about the supposed physiological, moral and intellectual inferiority of women. He also explored the consequences of their access to education and work.
One of the reflections of La mujer del porvenir is the emancipation of women as political subjects, a central point of her thought.
The Spanish feminist movement of this period is scarce. So was the number of women who entered higher education. Of 17,287 people enrolled, only one was a woman in 1900.
Feminist thought is in the hands of a few thinkers of the time who had access to the debates, and even participated in them. The search for equality between the sexes, influenced by Krausist thought and the scarce feminist thought, did not take place, and we will have to wait a few more decades.
Even pioneers of feminism like Concepción Arenal end up adopting an attitude of resignation. Even, of some acceptance in the face of the pressure of patriarchal ideas:

«… we do not harbor today that intimate conviction in the equality of the intelligence of the two sexes manifested in The Woman of the Future.”

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