The villain in his corner

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The Villain in His Corner is a play by the Spanish playwright Félix Lope de Vega, first published in 1617, although its composition is dated between 1611 and 1616.
At the gates of Paris lives Juan Labrador, a rich peasant and subject loyal to his sovereign, willing to sacrifice his material goods if the monarch so orders and also willing to give for the service of the king his two sons, eager to live in the Court.
However, in The Villain in His Corner, Juan Labrador is in turn satisfied with his way of life. To the point that he writes his own epitaph in advance, stating that he was happy without having to meet the king.
Juan’s satisfaction with his way of life persists until the end of the comedy and is manifested in a sentence of his: “Because I would like to die in my corner.”
John feels himself king among his fields and does not envy the brilliance that surrounds effective royalty.

Day one

(Lisarda and Belisa, in the habit of ladies. Behind, Otón, Finardo and Marín.)

Belisa: Do you like this?

Lisarda: This is what I like.

Belisa: What a remarkable inclination!

Otto: Married I think they are.

Finardo: Don’t dislike it;
that in habit seem
noble and leading people.

Otto: Carving and speaking is heavenly.
Together they kill and go mad.
But if the spirit lacks,
What occasion was not to be missed?

Lisarda: Although it didn’t seem like it,
no jewel shall take;
that the biggest thing for me
It is the good size of man.

Belisa: By my faith that he is a gentleman.

Finardo: Will you speak it again?

Otto: Yes.

Lisarda: With what a gallant style
so many jewels bought me!

Belisa: Speak softly, because I
I think, Lisarda, that they go
following in our footsteps.

Lisarda: That has scared me.

Belisa: Come back very quickly Love
for the pawned garments.

Lisarda: All that he has given me,
of opinion must lose,
If agora comes to know
the quality of my condition;
but you can remedy it
with giving him a garment I
that is worth more.

Belisa: Not that.

Otón: I want, Finardo, to arrive.
(To Lisarda.) To much discourtesy,
beautiful lady, you will have,
and I’ll bet you’ll be
discontent of mine
for by serving you I come
and that once I speak to you again.

Fragment of the work

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