The truhan of heaven and crazy saint

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El truhán del cielo y loco santo by Félix Lope de Vega was represented in the Montería of Seville in 1643.

Day one

(Nicholas, knight, Octavian, Caelius and Cassandra, lady, come out.)

Cassandra: With whatever health she had,
I am at your service.

Nicolás: Serving you is a job
of the one who lives and dies for your sake.
Your beauty is well known,
Two years will be, of me
this truth, though I was
unhappy, firmly.

(Stop Octavian.)

Cassandra: Beseech you to treat me
with different reasons,
when on these occasions
Do not look at anything else
more than my blood, which is to be
daughter of Camillus, and yours

Nicolás: Well shown
that you are of a different opinion;
for Alexander proclaims
who is to be your husband,
of you so favored;
and in Viterbo there is no person
that the same does not publish.

Cassandra: I confess that it is desire
of Alexander, but I do not believe,
even if I certify it
all Viterbo, which can
Alexander proclaim
anything that may be missing,
and that of whom it exceeds it.
And I don’t rejoice either,
that could be that it was
if my father wanted it;
but always the vulgar, crazy
guessed what was
In contingency, by fact,
not knowing that from my breast,
the first vote was missing;
who is my father, without whom I
I must not have freedom;
and with this command me;
that I already imagine that entered
my father, and in this he can
Talk to you much better.
Give me license, sir;
that this limit exceeds
a woman of my opinion,
and more maiden.

Nicholas Wait;
which is willpower,
and not strength of passion.

Cassandra The truth in everything I tell you,
and that if my father comes
in it, Alejandro has
very big opinion with me.


Nicholas That I have come to hear!
That I have come to suffer this!
Alexander must die!
To Cassandra is not to give!
the husband’s hand! Heavens!
Why did you give for stronger
to the ground the evil of death,
having woman and jealousy?

(Camilo enters with a crosier.)

Camilo Lord, in my house!

Nicolas I come
with desires to kiss you
hands, and to visit you.

Camilo A lot of mercy I have it

(Octavio comes out.)

Fragment of the work

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