The Triumph of Caliban

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On May 20, 1898, in El tiempo de Buenos Aires, El triunfo de Calibán, by Rubén Darío, was published. He also appeared in El Cojo Ilustrado , of Caracas, on October 1 of the same year, under the headline “Rubén Darío Combatiente”. At that time, Spain was in full crisis due to the war with the United States, where it lost the hegemony of Cuba and Puerto Rico.
In this work the character of Caliban becomes a metaphor, political and cultural reality and the end-of-the-century Spanish-American malaise.
For Darius, the antagonistic Shakespearean characters, Caliban-Ariel represent the colonizer and the colonized. Rubén Darío takes sides in favor of the enslaved indigenous (Ariel) and recognizes in Caliban the expansionist barbarism of the United States.
Thus he associates the United States with the morally inferior monster Caliban. A being who replaces reason with force, while Ariel is represented as a noble spirit.
Inspired by The Triumph of Caliban, we have made this anthology. In it we collect some of the contradictory visions of the United States of America that Rubén Darío had during his life. Below we list the essays, poems and stories that make up this book:

  • The Triumph of Caliban
  • To Roosevelt
  • The Swans
  • Salutation to the eagle
  • To Columbus
  • Huitzilopoxtli. Mexican legend
  • and a fragment of the Autobiography of Rubén Darío

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