The Terror of 1824

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El terror de 1824 is the seventh novel in the second series of the National Episodes by Benito Pérez Galdós.
The novel refers to the months immediately following the triumph of absolutism after the period known as the Liberal Triennium. The repressive machinery of King Ferdinand VII is set in motion. His goal: not to leave a puppet with a head.
The terror of 1824 has two protagonists: the teacher Sarmiento, inflamed liberal in full time of domination and absolutist reprisals, and Sola, that orphan girl protected by Salvador Monsalud, who, currently, is in London, exiled.
Sarmiento, a new Quixote who goes crazy before the failure of liberal ideas. He has lost his son in the war, is cared for by Sola, daughter of a former political antagonist of his and, both, will find themselves involved in a liberal conspiracy with which they have nothing to do.
Condemned to death, Sola will be saved in extremis by her love rival, Genara. While Sarmiento will end up dying by hanging. Pérez Galdós outlines a splendid evolution of the character. It ranges from the bloodiest ridicule to lucid dignity in the face of undeserved death, and offers us a genuine defence of constitutional freedom and an attack on the monarchy of the post-Liberal Triennium period.

Reference edition: Madrid, Imprenta de José María Pérez, 1877.

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