The Ten Books of Architecture

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The Ten Books of Architecture of Vitruvius (probably conceived between 23 and 27 BC) is the first written treatise on architecture that is known. Marcus Vitruvius Pollius was a Roman architect, writer, engineer and treatise writer of the first century BC.
Inspired by Hellenistic theorists, the work deals with orders, materials, decorative techniques, construction, types of buildings, hydraulics and mechanics.
The Ten Books of Architecture, known and used in the Middle Ages, was republished in Rome in 1486. It offered Renaissance artists, imbued with admiration for the virtues of the classical culture of the time, a privileged channel through which to reproduce the architectural forms of Greco-Latin antiquity.
Even today it is an irreplaceable documentary source, also for the information it provides on Greek and Roman painting and sculpture. Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing of human proportions, known as the Vitruvian Man, is based on the indications given in this work.
Vitruvius also worked for Julius Caesar’s army as an engineer building war machinery. Thus he traveled with the Roman legions on campaigns through Gaul and Spain.
The starting point of this edition of The Ten Books of Architecture has been the translation from Latin of 1787, published in the Royal Press, under the direction of Joseph Ortiz y Sanz, priest. The engravings accompanying the text were printed at the end of the work. We have thought it convenient to insert the illustrations between the text, in order to facilitate the reading of it as much as possible.
In addition, certain unifications have been made following the style book that we apply to the classic titles published in Linkgua that require it.

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