The Sweets of the Year

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The Sweets of the Year. Emilia Pardo Bazán

As the new Añito had such a good trace and was so cute with his sailor suit and his blond loops, people complimented him in the street; Some women, more daring, kissed his cool cheeks as a teenager, and, in his wake, a rumor of sympathy flattered him, a wave of adoration enveloped him.
El Añito wanted to respond affectionately to so many demonstrations, and, putting his right hand in the satin bag that he wore hanging from his left arm, he took out tiny objects bundled in gold foil; Definitely chocolates. The gift of the Year was greeted with bursts of enthusiasm and gratitude. Those golden wrappers could not help but bring something tasty inside. And a chorus of blessings rose, while the people, throbbing with lively hopes, unbundled the wrappers and sinked their teeth into the sweets, a gift from the pretty brat, who smiled when making the gift…
Word quickly spread:
—The New Year gives sweets!
From a great distance people came, running, to the bait of the flattering cast. The sweets had to be different from those already known, and better, as well as different. The crowd communicated impressions, and, supplicantly, raised their hands. He noticed in the New Year that those around him asking for a sweet treat declared themselves very unhappy, very fought for life, very frustrated in all their aspirations and desires.

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