The Spectrum

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The Spectrum. Emilia Pardo Bazan

My friend Lucio Trelles is an excellent subject, without serious problems in life and who seems normal and balanced. As no one ignores, this of being balanced and normal is as important today as it was in the past to be clean of blood and old Christian. Today, to discredit a man, he is said to be unbalanced or, at least, a neurotic. In the seventeenth century it would be said that the shirt was changed on Saturday, which was already a superiority with respect to the infinite who would not change it on any day of the week.
Now: Lucio Trelles holds the theory that everyone is unbalanced; that no one lacks that psychological “league of bad path”; That there is no one who does not suffer from manias, superstitions, crackpots, extravagances, with no other difference than to say it or keep it quiet, to bring the imbalance to the eye or hidden. From where we come to draw in clean that the perfect balance, in which all our acts respond to those cited by reason, does not exist; it is an ideal state in which no son of Adam has ever found himself in his entire life. Lucius supported this opinion with reasoning that, to tell the truth, did not convince me. It seemed to me that Lucius confused imbalance with passionate states, which may momentarily unbalance, but they are not imbalances, for they are as inevitable in psychic life as other processes in physiology.

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