The Seven Books of Diana

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The Seven Books of Diana, by Jorge de Montemayor, was first published in 1559, although later editions expanded the original text.
This work has as a precedent the eclogues of Garcilaso de la Vega and the Spanish pastoral poetry. It is distinguished by being written in a mixture of verse and prose and by unifying various “environments” in the same story. Among others, it includes:

  • the pastoral environment,
  • the supernatural,
  • The urban
  • and the Moorish.

It is significant the insertion of a new story, the History of the Abencerraje and the beautiful Jarifa, to entertain the shepherds in the palace of Felismena, at the end of book IV. This story appeared in the second edition of Diana.
Although inspired by Jacopo Sannazaro’s Arcadia, The Seven Books of Diana de Montemayor is undoubtedly the first major work of fiction of Renaissance pastoral prose.
It stands out for its main plot and for the intertwined stories and poems sung by its protagonists. It was one of the most popular works of modern fiction not only in Spain, but abroad.

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