The Quito School in the Viceroyalty of Peru

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The Quito School in the Viceroyalty of Peru invites us to enter the fascinating world of Ecuadorian colonial art, when the city of Quito emerged as a vibrant center of creativity and spirituality. Through this book, we immerse ourselves in the visual wonders created by the talented painters of the Quito School, whose works bring to life the rich fusion of cultures and beliefs that characterized the era.
Each page of La Escuela Quiteña in the Viceroyalty of Peru transports us to a period of artistic splendor, where the churches and convents of Quito became canvases that told stories of faith, tradition and transformation. From the altarpieces that stood imposing to the portraits that captured the essence of colonial society, this book invites us to explore the myriad colors, symbols and emotions that make up the visual identity of the Quito School.
The chapters of the book introduce us to the master painters who wove the artistic tapestry of the Quito School:

1. Miguel de Santiago
– Outstanding works:
– “The Assumption of the Virgin”
– “The Virgin of the Milk”

2. Manuel de Samaniego
– Outstanding works:
– “The Crucifixion of Christ”
– “The Annunciation”

3. Father Carlos
– Outstanding works:
– “The Last Supper”
– “Saint John the Baptist”

4. Bernard of Legarda
– Outstanding works:
– “The Virgin of Quito”
– “The Immaculate Conception”

5. Manuel Chili Caspicara
– Outstanding works:
– “Saint Francis of Assisi”
– “The Resurrection of Christ”

6. Francisco Alban
– Outstanding works:
– “The Adoration of the Magi”
– “St. Peter and St. Paul”

7. Nicolás Javier de Goríbar
– Outstanding works:
– “The Coronation of the Virgin”
– “Saint Joseph with the Child”

8. Father Camilo Egas
– Outstanding works:
– “The Holy Family”
– “Christ Crucified”

9. Diego de Robles
– Outstanding works:
– “The Immaculate Conception”
– “The Resurrection of Lazarus”

10. Vicente Alban
– Outstanding works:
– “The Transfiguration of Christ”
– “Santa Rosa de Lima”

Through La Escuela Quiteña in the Viceroyalty of Peru, we can explore the artistic legacy of the Quito School and its impact on the cultural history of the Viceroyalty of Peru. Each masterpiece transports us to a time of religious fervor and search for identity, where art becomes a language that transcends the barriers of time and connects us to the deep roots of colonial society.
This book is a tribute to the artists of the Quito School, whose ability to capture the spiritual essence in their creations allows us to appreciate the beauty of a bygone era and the uniqueness of a culture in constant evolution. The Quito School in the Viceroyalty of Peru invites us to admire the richness and diversity of Ecuadorian colonial art and to celebrate the visual heritage that continues to captivate generations of art and history lovers.

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