The Cuzqueña School

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The Cuzco School transports us to a fascinating period of art history, in which the city of Cuzco became the epicenter of a unique and captivating artistic current. This book is a tribute to the talented painters of the Cuzqueña School, who with their mastery and creativity left an indelible mark on the history of colonial painting.
Throughout the richly illustrated pages,
La Escuela Cuzqueña
guides us through the intricate halls of the Escuela Cuzqueña, exploring the intersection of religion, culture, and artistic technique. From the vibrant altarpieces that adorned churches to portraits that captured the nobility and spirituality of the time, this book immerses us in the visual and narrative richness of a movement that transcended time and space.
Each chapter of the book introduces us to the master painters who forged the legacy of the Cuzqueña School:

1. Diego Quispe Tito
– Outstanding works:
– “The Last Supper”
– “The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian”

2. Basilio Santa Cruz Pumacallao
– Outstanding works:
– “The Baptism of Christ”
– “Virgin of Bethlehem”

3. Juan Espinosa de los Monteros
– Outstanding works:
– “The Virgin of the Milk”
– “San Pedro Nolasco”

4. Mark Zapata
– Outstanding works:
– “Virgin of Milk and Hope”
– “The Immaculate Conception”

5. Juan Zapata y Sánchez
– Outstanding works:
– “Virgin of the Rosary”
– “San Antonio Abad”

6. Antonio Sinchi Roca Inka
– Outstanding works:
– “Virgin Mary with Child and Saint John the Baptist”
– “Christ Crucified”

7. Matthew Perez of Alesio
– Outstanding works:
– “The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian”
– “Saint Francis of Assisi”

8. Melchor Perez Holguin
– Outstanding works:
– “The Assumption of the Virgin”
– “The Birth of the Virgin”

9. Francisco Chihuantito
– Outstanding works:
– “The Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew”
– “St. Jerome”

10. Andres Espinoza
– Outstanding works:
– “The Apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe”
– “The Holy Family”

The Cuzco School played a fundamental role in the representation of religious figures such as Santiago Matamoros and Santiago Mataindios. This school of painting created a corpus of works that reflected European and indigenous influences, giving rise to a unique fusion of styles and themes.
In the artistic production of the Cuzqueña School, it is interesting to note that both Santiago Matamoros and Santiago Mataindios were represented with equal emphasis and symbolism. While the image of Santiago Matamoros, the warrior saint, emphasized the role of conquest and struggle in evangelization, the depiction of Santiago Mataindios reflected the idea of peaceful coexistence and conversion of indigenous people.
This book is a proposal for art lovers, history scholars and those seeking to explore the cultural roots of the Viceroyalty of Peru. The Cuzqueña School illuminates the way to a time when art was a bridge between the divine and the earthly, and invites us to appreciate the mastery of the painters of the Cuzqueña School, whose legacy endures in every stroke and every pigment that still adorns the walls and altarpieces of this historic city.

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