The Renewal and Other Tales

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788499530314
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411261623

In 1929 the advance magazine published El renuevo y otros cuentos, by Carlos Montenegro, composed of two parts: “Cuentos de hombres libres” and “Cuentos de presidiarios”. The theme of these stories is the daily tragedy of men living in marginal spaces. The influence of Edgar Allan Poe, Guy de Maupassant and Horacio Quiroga is noted.
The Renewal and Other Tales is a journey through the dark side of human existence, not lacking in irony.
Montenegro published in 1934 his second volume of short stories, Two Ships, which included narratives of a marine environment. His next book of short stories, Los héroes (1941), includes five narratives about Cuba’s wars of independence. With these, Montenegro questioned the heroic nature of those who contended.

I am not going to speak of here or there, but of a place where no one of those who live here, among us, is from; of a place that nobody knows, although I have been told a lot about it and the people who inhabited it, owners of hearts that did not know how to be frightened and with eyes that did not know limited horizons except for the forests and the sea.
Between the olive grove and the village of these men only crossed the river, and towards the sea, between the houses and the very distant cliffs, the immense beach lingered with its sands covered with boats stranded or already in the water, afloat with the sails laid out in the Sun to dry like freshly washed clothes.
Farther away: two, three, four and even five times up to six cross ships: bricbarques, frigates, brigs of innumerable sails, of great size, and that nevertheless looked lost in the immensity of the limited bay, there on the horizon, by the shadow of another coast.
Of this people I am going to speak; of the stranger, of the beautiful, of the asleep at the foot of the countryside of Arosa.

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