The Rain of Fire

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Illustrated paperback ISBN: 9788498169423

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The Rain of Fire is one of the twelve short stories that make up The Strange Forces, first published in 1906. After reading the subtitle of “Evocation of a Disincarnate of Gomorrah”, the reader becomes aware that it is a biblical reference: the end of Sodom and Gomorrah. Cities that were punished by divine power in the form of a rain of fire for their countless sins.
In The Rain of Fire, by Leopoldo Lugones, fire also falls on the city:

“Suddenly, the slave who was crossing the garden with a new plate could not suppress a scream. He arrived, however, at the table; but accusing with his lightness a horrible pain. He had a hole in his bare back, at the bottom of which he could still feel the voracious spark that had opened him.”

In a continuous increscendo the tragedy, of unknown origin, threatens to devastate everything. In the midst of the tragedy a man lives isolated in a basement between bottles of wine and food that accumulate there. In timid excursions abroad the man will discover the dimensions of the tragedy caused by The Rain of Fire. The uncertainty, the force of the unmentionable and chance give this Argentine story a surreal touch and another touch of literature of the absurd.

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