The Quinta of Florence

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In La Quinta de Florencia Félix Lope de Vega tells the story of Duke Alejandro, who made a courtier marry a miller whom he had seduced, giving them, in addition, a generous dowry.

Day one

(The Duke of Florence, Alexander; Charles, gentleman; Otavio, gentleman; Caesar, secretary, by night.)

Alejandro: Beautiful city Florence!

Carlos: After you are his lord,
has Florence value,
and makes Rome a competitor.

Alejandro: As during the day I can’t
see it by my authority,
or because of gravity
of my things I am afraid,
at night with better mode
I see things to see
a prince, who is to be
an Argos that watches over everything,
that these, because they are so small,
they don’t reach my ears.

Otavio: With clarified facts
To the common government you teach:
Venturous Republic
the one that such an understanding
has put in order.

Alejandro: My attempt
does not aspire to famous history,
but only to aggrandize
The homeland.

Carlos: People cross
to some loving company:
a man and a woman.

(Enter Caelius and a woman in cloak.)

Celio: My inn is not far away,
and with good collation,
with a juboon cut,
You will come back less angry.
Take this corner.

Woman: I have such an old mother,
who scolds me and advises me
very different doctrine.
But what can be done?
Now, sir, I ran into you.

Otavio: Caelius is the man, by God!

Alejandro: Don’t you know the woman?

Otavio: Let’s see for his arrogance
What princess he stumbles on.
It is enough to know the weakness,
Do not know the circumstance.

Celio: I wouldn’t want it to come out
the Duke: take it over here.

Woman: Well, do you go out at night?

Celio: Yes.
I would regret if I saw you.

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