The Picturesque Island of Cuba

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The Picturesque Island of Cuba (La isla de Cuba pintoresca) by Federico Mialhe is a unique work that combines art and historical documentation to provide a pictorial vision of the nineteenth century in Cuba. Federico Mialhe, a French painter and lithographer, was hired by the French printing house Thierry Frères to travel to Cuba and visually document life on the island and published this work in 1839.
The result was La isla de Cuba pintoresca, a collection of lithographs that capture the beauty of the Cuban landscape, architecture, and scenes of daily life on the island during colonial times. Mialhe’s lithographs capture a wide variety of scenes, from panoramic views of cities and countryside to intimate portraits of people in their daily activities.
Mialhe’s works are recognized not only for their artistic quality, but also for their documentary value. As a foreign observer in Cuba, Mialhe captured a unique perspective on the island during a period of transformation and conflict. His lithographs offer invaluable insight into life in Cuba during the colonial era, and provide a visual record of the island’s history that complements the written sources of the time.
In addition to its historical value, The Picturesque Island of Cuba is also a masterpiece of lithographic art. Mialhe’s images are renowned for their precise detail, sophisticated use of color, and ability to capture the light and atmosphere of the island.

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