The Orchard of Juan Fernández

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The Orchard of Juan Fernández (La huerta de Juan Fernández) de Tirso de Molina is a comedy written between March and May 1626. It was published in 1634 in Tortosa, in the third part of the author’s works, compiled by his nephew Francisco Lucas de Ávila.
The Orchard of Juan Fernández belongs to the swashbuckling comedies whose characters are knights who duel and seduce the ladies. From this it follows that gallantry will be central in this comedy, also that the social status of the characters will not exceed that of the nobility and that ignorance or doubt about the identity of the characters will motivate the events.
These traits are presented in this comedy by Tirso, where two women, Petronila and Tomasa, travel to the city of Madrid, disguised as men -a topic of the theater of the Golden Age-, with the aim of finding two gentlemen, Hernando and Mansilla, who, respectively, have promised to marry them.
The honor of both women can be lost if the two gentlemen do not keep their promises, hence they choose to go out looking for them to recover their status.
However, in Madrid Don Hernando falls in love with Countess Laura, with whom he will also have loves, and forgets the promise he has made in Seville to Petronila’s mother, to take his daughter as his wife. Private Mansilla also does not intend to fulfill the oath made to Tomasa while he is not a captain, for this reason, he dedicates himself to making merits with Don Hernando.

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