The Nun Ensign

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The Ensign Nun is one of the most bizarre comedies of entanglement written in the Golden Age. The plot is framed in a passage of the life of Catherine of Erauso. After escaping dressed as a man to Peru, there she becomes Ensign Guzmán. At that time, he has a love affair with Doña Ana, whom his friend Don Diego also loves.
Guzmán, partly for the latter, partly to defend his honor, wounds and kills several men in duels and brawls. They include her own brother — who is looking for her to forcibly return her to Spain and her sex.
Condemned to death for her acts of blood, the characters take different parties before the sentence. The comedy revolves around the theme of honor. The author intends through his unusual treatment of transvestism and homoeroticism, to establish equality between the sexes. This equality is shown in this work with both the pen and the sword.
There are numerous versions of this autobiography, including this one by Juan Pérez de Montalbán and Juan Antonio Mateos, both published in Linkgua. The history of the ensign nun is a reference text in feminist studies and on the historical condition of women.

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