The Most Noble Beauty

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The Most Noble Beauty (La más hidalga hermosura) by Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla is an epic comedy that tackles the subject of Castile’s independence, set against the backdrop of the court of King Don Sancho. According to records, the play was composed in the early months of 1645, in collaboration with Juan de Zabaleta and Calderón.
The first act, or “jornada,” introduces the king and queen in an atmosphere of celebration and anticipation, awaiting the arrival of Count Fernán González, a war hero. The tone shifts dramatically when ominous signs are detected in the sounds of the drums and trumpets, perhaps foreshadowing some tragic or complicated turn of events. The act culminates with the arrival of the count, who is received with great respect and admiration.
The play stands out for its focus on nobility and heroism, attributes considered supremely important in the culture and history of Castile. Through poetic dialogues and dramatic situations, Rojas Zorrilla successfully conveys a sense of urgency and gravity to matters of state and honor.
The dialogue between the king and queen is particularly noteworthy as it captures the tension and anticipation surrounding the arrival of the count. This moment serves as a microcosm of the broader concerns of the kingdom and sets the tone for the events that will follow.
Stylistically, Rojas Zorrilla demonstrates his skill in handling elevated and formal language without losing the naturalness in the interactions between the characters. The act is an excellent example of how a playwright can blend historical and political themes with human emotions and moral dilemmas, creating a work that is both educational and entertaining.
The Most Noble Beauty is a play that stands out for its complex and nuanced treatment of themes related to nobility, heroism, and independence. It offers a deep look into the psychology and morality of its characters while raising questions about duty, loyalty, and honor. It is a valuable addition to the repertoire of Spanish Golden Age theater, once again demonstrating Rojas Zorrilla’s ability to address grand themes with subtlety and depth.

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