The Mezzanine for the Company of the Pupil

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Agustín Moreto y Cabaña, a playwright of the Spanish Golden Age, stands out for his ability to reimagine and experiment with conventional themes and structures in his work, The Mezzanine for the Company of the Pupil (Loa entremesada para la compañía del pupilo). This work is a clear example of how Moreto, following in the footsteps of other great authors of his time, does not merely replicate existing plots and situations but pushes them to new limits, exploring new possibilities within the established schemes of theater.
In The Mezzanine for the Company of the Pupil, Moreto adopts a different approach in handling the usual situations of comedies, resulting in a fresh and enjoyable experience for the audience. The dialogue between the Pupil and Manuela Escamilla, for example, showcases Moreto’s ability to create comedic situations and witty dialogues that simultaneously challenge conventional expectations.
The work uses confusion and misunderstanding as mechanisms to advance the plot and generate humor. Through a quick and playful exchange, Moreto explores themes such as identity, art, and social relationships. The Pupil, distressed by a series of misfortunes affecting his theatrical company, engages in a dialogue full of misunderstandings with Manuela, who tries to guess the cause of his worry. This interaction, characteristic of Moreto’s style, also reflects the dynamic and fluid nature of Baroque theater.
The Mezzanine for the Company is an outstanding example of Agustín Moreto y Cabaña’s talent for innovating within established theatrical forms. His work entertains and reflects on the nature of art and comedy.

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