The Mediocre Man

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The mediocre man is integrated by the lessons on psychology of character that José Ingenieros gave in the chair of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of Buenos Aires, during the year 1910.
They set out to understand how human societies work. To do this, he established and described three types or characters that according to him it was possible to recognize in any community of human beings:

  • the idealist,
  • The Mediocre Man
  • and the lower one.

Engineers did not hide his admiration for the first type but, beyond moral judgments. He made the effort to understand in a psychological key the particularities of each type and their specific function in our societies. Thus, he devoted an important part of The Mediocre Man to the second type, because he constitutes the bulk of societies:

“Would the continuity of social life be possible without that compact mass of purely imitative men, capable of preserving the routine habits that society transfuses them through education? The mediocre does not invent anything, does not create, does not push, does not break, does not beget; but, on the other hand, it jealously guards the framework of automatisms and prejudices and dogmas accumulated over centuries, defending that common capital against the snares of the unadaptable. Their grudge against the creators is compensated for by their resistance to the destroyers.”

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