The Lyre of the Muses

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The Lyre of the Muses is an essential work in Baroque literature, composed by Gabriel Bocángel and dedicated to the Cardinal-Infante Don Fernando. Initially published in 1635, the work reflects the mastery of the sonnet and the adherence to the style of Luis de Góngora, although Bocángel seeks greater clarity in his expression, tinged with a particular melancholy and sensitivity that characterize his poetic approach.
This work is structured into multiple chapters, each representing different facets of life and poetry, from philosophical and religious reflections to love poems and celebrations of natural and human beauty. Bocángel uses his sharp perception and deep knowledge of the humanities to explore themes such as ethics, beauty, and emotions, achieving a poetic dialogue that encompasses both the gravity of human existence and its exultant celebration.
The Lyre of the Muses is not just a collection of poems; it is a compendium of the poetics and life of the Golden Age, offering a look at the society and culture of the era through the author’s lens. Each poem and chapter construct a complex portrait of the time, highlighting both the author’s capacity for critique and his deep admiration for beauty and virtue.
This work is fundamental for scholars of Spanish Baroque and for those interested in the evolution of the sonnet and Spanish lyrical poetry. Through its pages, Bocángel pays homage to his patron and the literary tradition that preceded him, and establishes his own legacy, marking his place as one of the most distinctive and emotive voices of his time.

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