The life of the glorious confessor St. Dominic of Silos begins

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The Life of Saint Dominic of Silos, or, more accurately, the Life of the Glorious Confessor Sancto Domingo de Silos, is a medieval Spanish poem by the priest Gonzalo de Berceo, the first Spanish author of whom we have knowledge of his name.
This work is written in cuaderna via, a fundamental stanza in the texts of the poetic school called mester de clerecía.

Life of Santo Domingo de Silos

The Life of the Glorious Confessor Sancto Domingo de Silos begins


In the name of the Father who fizo everything,
et of Don Ihesuchristo, fixed of the Glorious,
et del Spíritu Sancto, que egual d’ellos poses,
From a holy confessor I want fer a prose.

I want fer a prose in Roman Paladino 5
in which the people fablar usually in turn,
ca non so so literate by fer other Latin:
It will be worthwhile, as I think, a glass of bon vino.

I want you to know it after the first
Cúya es la ystoria, metervos en carrera: 10
it is of Sancto Domingo all good verdatera,
the one who diçen de Silos, which saves the border.

In the name of God, which we name first,
Whatever the price, I will be his worker,
Laçerio Award I hope for it in him, 15
that almost serviçio gives award stringer.

Lord Holy Dominic, let me say the scripture,
natural was from Cañas, non de bassa natura,
loyally he was fecho to the right,
of all very right, without zero depression. 20

Relatives ovo good, of the Breeder friends,
Let them follow the esiemplos of the ancient fathers.
Well know how to avoid winning enemies:
Good for them to come in mind of good punishments.

Juhán avíe nomne, his father ondrado, 25
of Mans a sennalate omne,
Amador de derecho, de seso acab,
Nol’ falsifies his saying by aver monedato.

The name of the mother deçir would not know,
como non fue escripto non l’ devinaría; 30
but leave her the name God, and Holy Mary:
Let us continue the course, let us have our way.

The çepa was good, he undertook good branching,
it was not like reed, which the wind turns it,
Thus he caught on, as if of good luck, 35
de oír vanidates non lo prendíe taliento.

Serve the relatives of every will,
He showed against them all humildat;
bring, Maguer niñuelo, tan grand simplicidat,
that marveled all the veçindat. 40

Fragment of the work

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