The Honest Criminal

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El delincuente honrado is a sentimental comedy by Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos alluding to the reform of the penal code. It is a bourgeois drama, one of the few that were successful in Spain, about the injustice of the laws that condemned equally the challenger and the challenged in the duels of honor.
The Honest Delinquent (1773), was a symbol of identity among social classes that desired a bourgeois renewal of laws and customs. Considered, even, “committed literature”. The object of this drama according to the writer is

“to discover the harshness of the laws, which without distinction of provoked and provocative punish the duelists with capital punishment.”

Baltasar Melchor Gaspar María de Jovellanos y Ramírez (Gijón, 5 January 1744 – Puerto de Vega, Navia, 27 November 1811) was a Spanish writer, jurist and politician. He studied Latin grammar in Gijón and later philosophy in Oviedo. In 1761 he graduated in Canon Law at the University of Osma.
After finishing his studies, Jovellanos received the appointment of mayor of the Real Audiencia of Seville (1768). During his stay in Seville, Jovellanos became interested in the Enlightenment due to the gatherings of Pablo de Olavide. In one of these gatherings emerged El delincuente honrado, by Jovellanos and El Precipitado, by Trigueros.
From the relationship with Olavide, Jovellanos will form one of the group of neoclassical authors who proposed the great reform of Spanish theater.

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