The Goth’s Dagger

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In his Recuerdos del tiempo viejo José Zorrilla states that he wrote The Goth’s Dagger (El puñal del godo) in twenty-four hours, after a bet. Premiered on March 7, 1843, the play tells the story of a hermit, to whom is revealed the future death of King Rodrigo at the hands of Count Don Julian, who has allied with the Arabs to facilitate their conquest of Spain. Theudia, a servant of the king, kills the Count, shows the falsehood of the omens and encourages Rodrigo to regain his throne.
The Goth’s Dagger mythifies the defeat of King Rodrigo in Guadalete, the prelude to the penetration of Islam in the peninsula. It is a romantic work that glorifies a magical Spain. The second part of this work is entitled La calentura, and has also been published by Linkgua Ediciones.

Single act

Interior of the hut or hermitage of the Roman monk, supported in its center by a wooden pillar or tree trunk, at the foot of which there are two seats. On the right a small bonfire, placed under a vent that gives vent to the smoke. Rude seating by the scene. Door to the left leading to another room that is supposed to be in the cabin. Door at the bottom, open, which will be seen in the glare of lightning. When the curtain rises, its clarity can be seen through the joints, and thundering can be heard in the distance. The bonfire and a firelight illuminate the scene.

Scene I

The Roman monk, at the fire.

Hermit: What a storm is threatening us!
What a night, heaven forbid!
And this fire is extinguished…
It’s drizzling ice!
How great God is conceived
in this solitude!
From whom else but Him do you receive
its breath the storm?
Whose is the terrible accent
and the gleam that sparkles
when the wind whistles angrily
and the zenith flashes?
Who crags and trees cleaves
with the swift sparkle,
as a reaper that tends to
the ears of corn with his sickle?
Who but God, who settles
above the clouds serene
when in the clouds it bursts
the roar of hoarse thunder?
Lord, who from on high
of your omnipotence you see
to the poor creatures
that crawl at your feet,
O good God, stop your wrath,
stop your righteous fury,
if you justly breathe
against the work of your love.
You were able at one point to make it,
And your immense power
can undo it in another
if such is your will;
but consider, my God,
that you are going to match like this
to him who turns away from you ungodly
and to him who prostrates himself before you.

(A moment’s pause.)

Excerpt from the text

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