The Flamethrowers

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It is Mirta Arlt, the lucid daughter of Roberto Arlt who prefaces this book. His reading of it is existentialist. Perhaps it goes beyond what the author proposes with his writing.
We think that the absurdity in which the characters of The Flamethrowers live and dream cannot be interpreted from a single theory of the world. Perhaps because the world in which they live and the aspirations that move them are rather a concoction of philosophical and political beliefs that escapes a unitary interpretation.
The Astrologer or Erdosain obey rather an order in which redemption exists only by dint of supreme stubbornness. However, here is Mirta’s penetrating reflection, which gives a historical context to her father’s work and which, even today, continues to move us:

«The Flamethrowers, a great expressionist fresco, which produces in the literary the rupture of exterior and visual volumes of things, grafts in 1931 that cry of Büchner: «Let us be essential». But outside the tempospatial coordinates of that first half of the twentieth century —which marches towards the Second World War while Sartrean existentialism is brewing.
Roberto Arlt is meaningless.
On the other hand, if we manage to figure the coherence of the historical framework, the ghostly inhabitants of this Buenos Aires Court of Miracles, who already appeared in Los siete locos and here live the final episodes of their lives, can get us excited: they confront us with a precursor as chaotic as it is unique.
In his fifth of Temperley, the Astrologer monologues with Hippolyta; “with”, because although monologue, the motivator, Hippolyta, can not miss. The essential rethinking flows: the meaning of life, our civilization, the happiness of man, man in the face of truth, the sense of knowledge, God, woman.
And that essential approach is continued in this series of “conversations” by Erdosain, whose key expression could be: “I am monstrously alone […] I don’t care about anything. God is bored just like the Devil.” It is an Erdosain that refers us to the existential character of Yank in O’Neill’s The Hairy Monkey ; Like him, he feels unprotected by the author of his days, thrown into existence. Like him, the inability to split the geometric volume of beings, things, man and the world, preventing him from reaching the ultimate and true reality, return him to his origins, and “like the great butcher beasts he takes a great leap into the void, falls on the carpet and wakes up squatting in surprise.”

Mirta Arlt

What moves the characters of this “great expressionist fresco”? What makes The Flamethrower still have a special force? We leave to the reader the answer to these and many other questions raised by this book unique for its style and its dramatic architecture.

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