The Favors of the World

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Hardcover ISBN: 9788411262835
Typographic rustic ISBN: 9788498163070

In The Favors of the World (Los favores del mundo), a complex plot of marked love character, there is a situation of unequal love: the lady Anarda, of the most rancid Castilian aristocracy, has fallen in love with the noble García Ruiz de Alarcón -possible ancestor of the playwright-, but both must survive the intrigues of their enemies Juan de Luna and Doña Julia.
The noble and generous Don García triumphs in love thanks to his perseverance, since he never let himself be deceived by the tests presented by fate.
Juan Ruiz de Alarcón introduces in The Favors of the World a key modification of his dramatic style. Despite being a comedy of entanglements, the piece has an open ending. Juan de Luna is not willing to give up Anarda even if she has married Garci Ruiz.
Because it is a social comedy, Alarcón punishes falsehoods in a matter of love, ridiculing the lack of verisimilitude in such dramatic situations. This is the case of The Favors of the World, where a brave heartthrob is discovered unable to bow down to any obstacle.
According to Antonio Castro Leal, The Favors of the World is a “transition bridge” in Ruiz de Alarcón’s play. The work of Juan Ruiz de Alarcón can be classified into three groups:

  • The first (1607-1612), conceived during his stay in Seville and New Spain, reflects Alarcón’s frustrated interest in imitating the comedy of entanglements.
  • The second (1613-1618) is the playwright’s most famous: character comedies where his failed pretensions to reach a place at court are shown.
  • The last of them (1619-1625) contains comedies that address the theme of honor and its derived conflicts.

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