The famous Asturian

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In this version of the legend, Nuño with only one hundred soldiers is ordered to deliver the maidens to the Muslims. When the procession is formed, Sancha tears her clothes and goes naked with the rest of Nuño’s maidens and soldiers. When the Muslims appear, Sancha puts on her clothes, and explains their behavior.

“Do not be offended, you cowards, who naked
Among women up to here let’s come,
that such art you, for to raw hands
carried by you we walk;
but for men come with acute
weapons, it is a great reason that we cover ourselves,
and anywhere before them convinces us
honesty, respect and shame.”

Nuño, moved, disobeys his king, and attacks and defeats the envoys of the emir of Córdoba with the help of the Asturian maidens. At first, King Alfonso the Chaste intends to behead Nuño. However, after knowing the reason for his disobedience, he forgives him and gives him Sancha as his wife.

Day one

Plaza de León, with door of a monastery.

(King Don Alfonso, retiring; Fisnando, Alaric, Fortuno and Gente mutineada, after him.)

King Alfonso: To your king make one-eyed size,
It is not good or sons.

Fisnando: Either die, or catch him.

King Alfonso: It will be truer
Die, traitors.

Alaric: Do not care about something.

King Alfonso: I am, villains, in sacred port. 5
From the sake of God I cling and I am worth.

(Enter the monastery, and they close.)

Fisnando: Alfonso, today will end your short empire.

Alaric: The monks have closed the monastery.

Fisnando: For the blessed chrism that inn
I bring on my forehead, that I do not leave the post, 10
nor of shirt shall I cover the sword,
Until everything yaga decomposed!

Alaric: The gate is strong, in iron aforrada:
it will not be possible to be so unhinged;
and if the monks put to the tower, 15
Our life, to faith, runs in danger.

Fisnando: Well, what can the capilludos do?

Alaric: Pull in we are well stocky boats,
and asaz that are thick and membrudos,
and in keeping the wide parapets. 20

Fisnando: We didn’t go in killing him well;
but take care of the Alfonsos and the Sanchos
who are not to reign, nor their insults
suffer the homes of León and Asturias.

(Nuño Osorio, Captain Teudo, Froilán, Tenorio, Fisnando, Alarico, Fortuno, Gente.)

Teudo: Won’t we take people?

Nuño Osorio: I am not enough 25
to restrain, in seeing so notorious
the damage to my king, Alfonso the Chaste.

Alarico: This is the mountaineer Don Nuño Osorio.

Nuño Osorio: I always spend my blood on your service.
Here, Teudo, Froilán; here, Tenorio! 30
Let these traitors die, and the king live!

(They fight; the mutineers flee.)

Teudo You will see which fugitive people go!

Nuño Osorio For the holy casuella of Ildefonso,
that none should be left alive.

Teudo Well, sing a response to Fisnando. 35

Nuño Osorio And Alarico no less, and Fortuno.

Teudo Already leaves the igreja the nueso Alfonso.

Nuño Osorio Oh hidalgos! Do not leave you one
who does not lie at the feet of Alfonso the Good,
of so much glory and full well-being. 40

(El Rey, Nuño, Teudo, Froilán, Tenorio.)

King Alfonso Do not humiliate yourself so much,
Friends, because for you,
of the will of heaven in pursuit,
To so much good I get up.
Your arms give me; 45
that members of such firmness
They will do well with their heads
Board and United Equality.

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